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The views expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone, and should not be taken in any way as representing my employer, past, present or future.

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  1. Doug says

    Funny what brings us together. I searched “like a smoke ring day” and here I am. I’m not a techie. I’m a baker, a dad, a baseball coach, a giver of smiles to my pretty wifey, and at age 40, a 25 plus year fan of Neil Young. Your blog is interesting to me for it’s well written content. Much of it is beyond my knowledge but the inclusiveness with which you write will bring me back, maybe later on, if I do come back at all.

  2. JP says

    Doug, you made my day. thanks. Love the way you ended your comment!

  3. Liz Wilson says

    Very cool. I will be back.
    Yes, you should teach in some capacity, the world would be a better place.

  4. christopher perrien says

    Following up on Palisades Roundtable in June 07. Highlight of conference was meeting you and hearing your thoughts, many of which I’ve shared with others. Linked my blog to yours; add me to the rolls of your allies, please. perrien


    Enjoyed reading your blog. Will pass it on to the boys who will understand it much better than me. Not a techie either, but will read it all again to try and widen my understanding.

  6. JP says

    Nice to see you here, Mary.

  7. Fred Homewood says


    Nigel Grierson at DH suggested I contact you. I can’t easily find an email address for you….

    Best regards, Fred

  8. Venkat says

    I stumbled onto this blog today. I just wish I had seen this blog a couple of years ago. I could have enriched myself for the better earlier!

    Great thoughts, analysis, and references sprinkled throughout your articles. It is surely a source of inspiration for anyone reading your articles.

    In this day and age when “Jammie Thomas-Rasset” is being sued for $2M by the music industry it is refreshing to see discussions about IP infringement made using “abundance/scarcity.”

  9. Andy Strang says

    Excellent news on the new job. Reading your blog was one of the main things that got me interested in technology and led to me making a career change and am now working at DB too.

  10. JP says

    Thank you Andy. Appreciate it

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