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Walls and bridges: even more on Facebookisation

Whatever gets you through the night it’s alright, it’s alright It’s your money or your life it’s alright, it’s alright Don’t need a sword to cut thru flowers oh no, oh no Whatever gets you thru your life it’s alright, it’s alright Do it wrong or do it right it’s alright, it’s alright Don’t need […]

More on the Facebookisation of the enterprise

Note: This is a follow-up post to one I wrote a few days ago, The Facebookisation of the enterprise, given the kind of interest it generated. People seriously interested in the subject may wish to read my nine-part series on Facebook and the Enterprise from 2007. The first part remains my most-read post,  apart from […]

The Facebookisation of the enterprise

Imagine an “enterprise” world where: You chose your own phone You chose your own portable computing device (which may be your phone) You chose your own desktop computing device (which may be your television) You chose the operating systems you put on these devices In other words, the IT department had “lost control of the […]

Social objects in the enterprise: Part 3

Prologue Given the depth and nature of conversations on this subject, I think I’d better let this one run for a while. Many of you have commented in different ways, by writing in, by talking to me, by commenting on this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter, or even by writing blog posts and pointing […]

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