Why another blog?

I promise not to use the phrases Web 2.0 or “long tail” intentionally in this blog. How about that?

I’ve been fascinated by information all my life, and serendipitously been allowed to work in the information sector for most of it. The Moore-Metcalfe-Gilder Laws continue to have their effect, and with telephony becoming software, I feel we’re at a wonderful inflection point in the sector. And what I want to do via this blog is to catalyse conversations about some of the things that really matter to me in this context. How search, publishing, fulfilment and conversation become the core applications of the future. How we can prevent the unintended consequences of walled-garden approaches to content. How we can avoid DRM holding up innovation. Why identity and presence and authentication and permissioning are important. Why emergence theories and “democratized innovation” matter. How we can take advantage of the opportunities that mobile devices offer us.

I’ve been influenced by many people over the years, and would like to acknowledge the works of John Seely Brown, Ken Ohmae, the Cluetrain gang and Esther’s Release 1 crew in “corrupting” me. And some very unusual and gifted bosses and colleagues over the years. Be warned.

Let me know what you think

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