What drives a blogger

I’m surrounded by colleagues with excellent blogs: Accidental Light, The Park Paradigm, Phil Dawes’s Stuff, Telcotech, the list goes on.

Malc picked up on a post I’d made earlier, and what he has to say is well worth a read. You can find it here. [And yes Malc, I should have used CoComment, but I haven’t installed it yet…]
One excerpt, an amalgam of Malc and Hugh, intrigues me:

It is, or should be, a truism that there is always someone faster and smarter than you are (c) Hugh. If you post on a blog is is likely or possible that this person or persons will read your post and respond. (The italics are Malc)

My assertion is that one of the main reasons to blog is to find that person or persons. And engage in conversation with said person(s). And learn as a result. And that blogging reduces the search and discovery costs for finding such people, as the net grows.

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