Kathy, I’m lost, I said, though I knew she was sleeping

I was listening to some of my favourite sixties tracks last night while musing on things. And I heard “I’ve got some real estate here in my hand” and thought of identity and information. Then it went “She said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy; I said be careful, his bowtie is really a camera” and I thought of privacy and confidentiality.

So I did the sensible thing, and switched from Tom and Jerry (thanks for the lyrics, guys) to Leonard Cohen before going to bed.

While on the subject of Simon and Garfunkel lyrics, I have never failed to smile when hearing “Wish I was a Kellogg’s cornflake, floating in my bowl taking movies…relaxing a while, living in style, talking to a raisin occasionally played LA, casually glancing at his toupee”. Punky’s Dilemma. Nonsense lyrics they may be, but they uplifted me. Like Lear and Carroll. And I always thought the cornflake wore sunglasses and a beret, never figured out why that image stuck.

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