For she’d an apron wrapped about her, and he took her for a swan

Polly Von. From Peter Paul and Mary’s  In the Wind. One of my favourite albums, just finished listening to it. Love it.

And yes, a la Churchill, I will resist the temptation to mention Dick Cheney.

Blogrolls and music. Malc referred me to the predecessor of this. That’s how I think blogrolls could work, and allow us to stumble across people. I know many of you liked the anti-blogroll idea, but somehow I’m anti that. I want to build people up, not criticise them. To concentrate on the positive and not the negative. To hate hate. However that may sound, it’s what I believe in. Constructive not destructive. Which is why I still have mixed feelings about a lot of reality TV.

Still on blogrolls. I was going through Jackie Danicki’s blogroll. Seeing what’s common and what’s different. Meandered to one of her other sites. And came across this.

Now this is interesting. Zopa blogging. A P2P startup using a P2P tool at a nascent stage of the company. What uses will they dream up? I shall watch with interest, as they move through customer surveys and R&D and customer service and product improvement and good old-fashioned talking-to-your-customers.

Music is important. Otherwise we’re only fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils, as the Bard said. I want to be fit for more than that.

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  1. Amazing how songs can evoke memories. Sometimes even sounds and smells can have that effect. Hope your memories were good ones; I’ve been blessed with great childhood memories, even now, nearly thirty years after my father passed away.

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