Meringue moments

[Russ Goring, an erstwhile colleague of mine, is responsible for initiating this particular flight of fancy. It was he who spoke to me about this at length many years ago. Thanks Russ]

Take an egg. Separate its component parts. So far so good. Then break norm one. Throw away the yellow and keep the white. Break norm two. Add sugar not salt. Break norm three. Bake.

And we have meringue. I guess that Heston Blumenthal keeps doing similar things at the Fat Duck.

Meringue moments. That’s what our children will do with information and social software. But only if we make sure they are free to. I would not be surprised if I found that meringues couldn’t have been “invented” today because of food regulation. But I am more likely to believe that meringues would have been patented.

Bad law with respect to patents and copyright and intellectual property can prevent meringue moments. Which is a real shame.

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