Do right, use your head

…everybody must be fed.

No, it wasn’t Bono meets Geldof. It’s from what I was listening to.

Taken from a song called Do What You Like from another of my favourite albums, Blind Faith, by the group of the same name. [Incidentally, one of the Amazon reviewers waxes lyrical about how Clapton thought that Ginger Baker, the writer of the song, was the world’s greatest drummer. Reminded me about Lennon’s rumoured response when asked the same question about Ringo]

Supergroups like Blind Faith and Bloomfield Kooper Stills point to something magical that happened in the 60s in terms of talent coming together.

But I still think the model for the way forward was set by Jerry Garcia. Like many others of that time, he played for a number of bands.

But Jerry appeared to play for all of them at the same time. And keep his solo career going. And keep everyone in those bands apparently happy.

I’ve mentioned before that the Grateful Dead approach to people recording their concerts (and they played live often) probably defined some of the principles of opensource and digital rights for me. But Garcia’s approach to “employment” is also worth studying.

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