Blogs as aggregators and producers

I was reading The Park Paradigm this morning, noting Sean’s “obligatory” post/comment on Google Finance. In it he refers to an external post from Internet Outsider, which makes the point that Google Finance works better than Yahoo Finance because it concentrates on content aggregation rather than content production.

And this made me think of blogs again, and an old observation of mine:  There are three types of blogs:

  • Thinkers, where there is a lot of original content created
  • Linkers, where there is a lot of original content pointed to
  • Stinkers, where neither of these takes place

I sense there is a “right” thinker-linker ratio which will aid and catalyse co-creation of content through comment and “snowballing”. Too much T and it’s all too theoretical. Too much L and it’s a news service. And there’s never a good reason for any S.

Any thoughts or experiences out there? What makes you read a blog? What makes you go back? What makes you link?

Let me know what you think

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