Four pillars: More on Generation M

I shall spend some time next week building out the foundation of the four pillars, which is comprised of platform independence, device agnosticism and opensource. Once that is established, I want to place the pillars in one further context, the construction industry: the role of the opensource movement, hardware and software vendors and “in-house IT”. (Yes Doc, it’s time to revisit D-I-Y IT :-) )

But in the meantime…. I want to be able to share all the reading I do, in true blogs-are-opensource-idea-markets style. So….

In the context of the behaviours and habits of Generation M, I have found some of the research done by the Kaiser Family Foundation invaluable. You can find their latest report on Generation M here. Well worth a read, both the 1999 version as well as the 2005 one I reference here.

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