The Importance of Being Average

Or not, as the case may be.

One of my favourite pieces of apocrypha. (Ex-boss, -) if this is not true, blame Stu Berwick). And even if it is not true, it should be. So there. Ex-boss of mine on stage somewhere, part of a panel. Some other member of panel unwittingly says something like “With this tool you could raise average programmer productivity by a zillion per cent”. Moderator says “And what do you think, Mr Ex-Boss?” And he replies “When I find an average programmer I fire him“.

Read Ed Byrne on How to De-Commoditise Your Product. Read Hugh Macleod on Your Job is Not to Sell. Your Job is to De-Commoditise.

And then read The Man in the Doorway on Moving Up the Value Pyramid.

Run from being average. Get fired for what you believe in, not for being average.

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