Learning about blogging

I received a comment from 2036AD about my last post, and it was good constructive feedback. I guess I fell into my own trap, and rather than be Thinker or Linker, I wandered into Stinker territory.

The rules for creating value when linking appear simple:

  • 1. Tell people enough about what you are linking to, enough to make them choose to find out further or not, as the case may be.
  • 2. Tell people why you are doing the linking and pointing out, provide some opinion of your own. Is this good? Is this bad? Does this matter? Why?
  • 3. Make sure you explain any jargon or specialist terms within your post.
  • 4. The reader must have enough information (as a result of your post) to understand what is being linked to and to decide whether or not to acquire more information by following the link.

These four criteria make the difference between Linker and Stinker. With my EULALyzer post I went into Stinker territory. Thank you 2036AD for pulling me up.

And so as not to make it worse, here’s what I should have said. Someone has come up with a tool to analyse the terms and conditions in an End User Licence Agreement. This is interesting and useful. But it currently only works on Windows. Which makes it less interesting and useful.

I went on to add that the end-user agreements in the ISP, cableco and telco space are also proving challenging, and that having a tool to analyse them would be useful.

Let me know what you think

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