How long can movies like Blow Up be made?

No, not the 1966 Antonioni movie (which I was young enough to enjoy illicitly in 1970) but its Brooklyn remake by Vinnie.

It didn’t matter that it was late at night in Chennai, that I had a very early morning flight, and that the broadband connection I has was less than perfect, that it took many attempts to finish watching the show. And what a show.
I just loved everything about Vinnie’s efforts. And it encapsulated a number of lessons for me, an all-too-brief definition of what is possible.

How individuals working in teams can do things never done before. Learn about the possibilities. Take risks yet be careful. Tell people about what they want to do with passion and voice and then have the joy of actually doing what they want. Sample bits of this and that without caring about rights or wrongs, not intending to make money out of the sampling per se. Doing no evil. But doing something different. Disruptive in a gapingvoid way. Engaging. Micro capital raising. Co-creating. Sharing.

Having fun. [Thanks to Gordon and Frank for the link.]

A coda. Could you imagine doing this with anything but a Mac? The idea, the fund-raise, making the video, the lot. It’s all Mac.

Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch.

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