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[BTW If any of you find that comments you made in the last day or so somehow disappeared, you’re right. It is not because I’ve suddenly taken on control-freak levels of moderation. The answer is simpler.

By accident or design, there were problems with my site and I had to revert to backup.]

My previous post, on collaborative filtering and tags, made me learn something more about blogging.

One,  archives matter. We may spend time telling everyone about the reverse chronological journal nature of the blog, but we shouldn’t get too hung up about the diary aspect. It is an aspect. It is an important aspect. But there’s more to blogs than the time dimension. I found Rashmi’s post on the subject by visiting her site, seeing some of the comments people had made and going via those comments to the post.

Two, blogrolls can really act as trusted referrers. The route I took to get to Rashmi is a common one for me. I read someone’s blog because someone else I like and trust says so. Even if I’ve never met that someone else…..

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