Linkers, thinkers and stinkers from a different perspective

Jeremy Ruston of Tiddlywiki (who used to work with me) pointed me towards this Jason Kottke post, referencing Greg Knauss as well.

Between them they go for a referential/experiential split for what I termed linkers/thinkers, and, by inference, define the stinker by leaving him out of the equation altogether. Kottke extends the simile to compare the writer/editor relationship and the musician/DJ relationship.

I think there is a lot of value in what they say. The only bit missing for me, something I have to figure out a way of including, is the co-creation bit.

More than any of the other creator/coordinator pairs described (writer/editor, musician/DJ, experiential/referential), something that makes the blogger stand out is the act of co-creation.

And bloggers recognise that intrinsic difference, so much so that (at least from my experience) the thinker-blogger normally frees up his “content” from the get-go. Why? Because he does not see it as owned or as content.

I think this is important.

Let me know what you think

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