Searlsian motion

Nolind Whachell, by commenting on one of my recent posts, started a slew of Searlsian-motion snowballs here; I have no idea where they’re going to end up.

You should take a look at Nolind’s site. I’ve gone ahead and linked to it.

First, Nolind reminded me of a quote from Dave Winer that I’d seen while on holiday, an absolute gem:

You need a village to raise a child, and you need an Internet to fully develop an idea

Second, in keeping with this, how ideas mutate and grow and decay and atrophy and “select”, take a look at what Nolind has to say when introducing the quote, to be found here.

Third, I love this extract from Nolind’s description of his blog:

This journal talks about a myriad of things that may be of interest to me. When one of these subjects I’m talking about gets substantial enough, I’ll create a new journal to cover that subject on its own (like its own separate blog).

It reminds me so much of the ethos behind Amy Jo Kim’s approach to building community and subcommunity, where one underpins and reinforces the other, a sort of fractal existence.


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