Be careful what you pretend to be, because you are what you pretend to be

There’s been a sequence of fascinating comments to my post on Empowering Communities, with Clarence Fisher, Dominic Sayers and Nollind Whachell all chiming in, along with forays into Tribes Learning Communities and Kathy Sierra’s Cognitive Seduction post, coming to a temporary halt at Eve-Online.

A ravelling snowball that I’ve been following with interest, maybe even glee. But.

I think we need to keep in mind the Kurt Vonnegut quote that I used to headline this post.

Children discover things by accident and design and serendipity.

They play role-playing games as if it is second nature.

They congregate into subgroups and reform themselves as if they were born to do that.

Because they were. It is what they were born to do. It is their second nature.

And we have the opportunity to make technology their slaves in this sojourn.

Everything that learners can be provided via technology should be “as well as” rather than “instead of” their real worlds.

They need to have a First Life before they get into Second Life.

[Halley Suitt, thanks for reminding me of that in a post of yours sometime ago]

That is our duty and our joy.

Let me know what you think

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