Four Pillars: A postscript on anonymity

One of my favourite films of all time is Local Hero. And not just for the Knopfler soundtrack, which apparently continues to outsell the movie. I like many things about it.




There was a Road-To-Damascus moment for me while watching the film way back in 1983. This MBA-clad oilman arrives at a Scottish village, stands in from of the pub he’s meant to stay at. He’s hours late, and it’s yay in the morning, and he proceeds to wake up the dead.

The pub landlord, a character named Urquhart, finally sticks his head out of an upstairs bedroom window, and says:

We don’t lock doors here.

That’s the way I feel about many things. I don’t want better locks and sharper razor wire and more CCTV and alarm systems.

I want to avoid having to lock things up.

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