Four Pillars and Marketing’s traditional 4 Ps

Have you reached the stage where everything you read feels stale, you get a sense of deja vu, you’ve heard and seen it all before? Quite a few people tell me they have.

I guess I’m lucky that way, I don’t feel that staleness at all. I really enjoy reading “parallel” texts on specific topics, feeling a sense of joy when, as a result, I receive fresh insight into that topic. A different perspective. This happens often when I read the Bible, and occasionally when I read some favourite poem or play.

It seems to happen most when you are actually familiar with something, yet open to unfamiliar concepts and constructs about that familiar thing.

Well, that’s what happened to me when I read the Sviokla post below. And I think it’s part of the richness of the blogosphere, part of how ideas mutate and move.

Thanks to Jonathan Peterson and for sending these snowballs my way. [Which reminds me. Maybe we need a term for the connections made explicitly and exclusively by blogosphere. Ideas anyone?]

Jonathan referred me to this recent post by John Sviokla (with Antony Paoni) on Marketing Remix.

Information congregates where customers go. And transactions are enabled there as well. Products and services butterfly into contact with customers. Perspectives we may have heard, but said succinctly and differently.

I feel that relationship, intention and co-creation need to be brought in more effectively by John, but that the core arguments are worth a read. See what you think.

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