Four Pillars: Learning from my children about Generation M

I was talking to Isaac, my 14-year old son, about BitTorrent and the Warner deal. And in the conversation, he said something worth thinking about.

As far as he is concerned, he’s happy with his laptop battery life. And anything that takes longer than that is too long for him.

M stands for Many Things. Mobility is one of them. Multitasking is another. Multimedia is a third. I am sure there are more, so I like thinking of them as the Many Things Generation.

We need to think about the constraints Generation M face and live with, however temporary those constraints might be.

160 characters for a text. Though you can send multipart texts, it counts as multiple messages. Not cool. So they tend not to send longer text messages.

SIM card driven contacts book entries. Whatever that might be, seems to vary a bit. Congregates around the 90 mark?

Battery life driven acceptable task completion time maxima. Less than 3 hours to build eternity.

I’m sure there’s a lot more. Any offers?



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