Saving the Net, Virtually

I’ve been listening to a panel debating More Than Just a Game at Supernova this afternoon. And on the panel we had some very interesting people, including Philip Rosedale (Linden Labs), Amy Jo Kim (Shufflebrain), Michael Zyda (USC Gamepipe Lab), moderated by Dan Hunter of The Wharton School.

And I thought to myself, is it time to take the Net Neutrality debate into Second Life? That way, old fogeys like me will learn about some aspects of Generation M while working on something I feel passionate about.
Anyone else care to join me? Let me know by commenting.

3 thoughts on “Saving the Net, Virtually”

  1. Excellent idea. Let’s model this online and mainstream it. The concept is simple – follow the money. But we have to illustrate it to show how it would work.

    I’ll be discussing this with state legislators next week. Is there a link I can provide to them so that they can see this play out?



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