Four Pillars: Glimpses of Generation M

Sean pointed me at this post by Dave Morin. People who walk away from plum jobs because we won’t let them work the way we taught them to. People who expect to be able to IM and use internet mail at work. People who will expect to bring their own laptops to work, it is part of what defines them.

I was still getting over it, realising for myself that this Generation I’m busy preparing for is already here. Now.

And when I got home, I had a chat with Isaac, my 14 year old son, the upshot of which was that he’s going to upgrade digital cameras and I’m going to get his old one.

Yes, the Hand-Me-Up Generation is here. Now. And I am part of that Generation.

Generation M will hand things up to us, not wait for us to hand things down to them.

7 thoughts on “Four Pillars: Glimpses of Generation M”

  1. I have to tell you that I consistently love your blog. So many areas that you think about hit me head on. As to your comment about Isaac, try teaching an entire classroom of them day in and day out. some days are completely energizing, others are nothing but exhausting as they have so much to teach me…

  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. I really appreciate it. I guess one of the differences between blogs and traditional writing is the level of active feedback that is made possible, sometimes I think a blogger is only as good as his next post….

    Sure we all run risks of creating insular mutual-admiration societies, but I prefer to think that what we land up with is something akin to natural selection applied to ideas. For that to work, external stimuli are critical.

    I appreciate what you guys write as well. Linking is not some blind reciprocal activity, it is because I want to read what you have to say, let it influence me without fear or favour, then continue to express what I’m thinking about.

    Sometims I think everything’s about learning. Home, school, work, whatever.

    Incidentally, the two of you should connect up. Clarence, meet Dave. Dave, meet Clarence. I think you will find you have some serious shared interests in the education space.

  3. I’m even older than that, Sean. I remember what I was doing when JFK was shot. I listen to Peter, Paul and Mary. I know the surnames for Melanie and Donovan. How much more can you ask? :-)

  4. Harsh, Sean! And frighteningly, I too remember melanie and donovan’s surnames (although I was never much into PP&M).

    And where did my wife get her mobile phone? You guessed it – daughter #1.

    As for “I think a blogger is only as good as his next post….” – I smell a challenge …

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