More on Diomidis Spinellis

In my last post I mentioned how much I enjoyed reading what he had to say. I now find he has a blog as well, to be found here. A taster, taken from this post entitled Surprising Findings On Software Reuse:

Kevin DeSouza and his colleagues in a recent article in the Communications of the ACM published some surprising findings regarding software reuse: reuse happens more by novices rather than by experts, within projects rather than across them, and in transient teams rather than permanent ones. The statement regarding the higher propensity of rookies to reuse compared to older professionals rang particularly true to my ears.


I was surprised when Markos finished the project I considered a tarpit in record time and with resounding success. What he did was to follow a piece of advice I wrote in Code Reading and also give in my classes, but did not follow myself: when reuse at one level of granularity (method, class, package, system) fails, try to reuse at the next higher level.

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