Four Pillars: With friends like this

Malcolm is a close friend of mine. As is Sean. And recently, kicked off by Sean, we started becoming friends as well.

Malcolm’s genteel response to me was something along the lines of “Happy to accept you as a friend, but no way do I want to be associated with your taste in music” :-)

I think there’s a serious and worthwhile point in his comment, despite his taste (?) in music. As we learn more about the use of collaborative filtering in Four Pillars, we will discover ways of performing Boolean operations on many “lists”. Give me only what is common between Sean and Malcolm. Show me only what they differ on. Give me a Top 10 and a Bottom 10 of my friends’ interests.

For music read books, for books read wiki pages, for wiki pages read stocks and shares, for stocks and shares read enterprise data. The principle’s the same. People who did this also did this which you didn’t do. Would you like to see the common bits or the uncommon bits?

Search as a means of data cleansing and repair. Syndication as a means of determining leading indicators, pull-from-the-future. Conversation as a means of testing morale. All with Add A Subtract B Venn Diagram CDE. The possibilities are endless.
Enterprise blogospheres tend to go quiet when the political environment is tense, unlike external blogospheres which go into orbit. I have many ideas as to why, but I need to watch for a while and work it out. Currently the information pool on such events is thin.

5 thoughts on “Four Pillars: With friends like this”

  1. :-) and there I was blissfully thinking that if only I could take your playlist and Malc’s playlist, cross off everything the two of you had in common, and then listen to the remnants…..

  2. Slowly Information as Utility( say Electricity Supply) is emerging out of 4P?
    I see many parallels between the two.
    Like in the electron flow, there is generation, distribution, control(house wiring and fixtures), consumption( light bulb, AC, etc).


    Electric: Pollution, Environment issues
    Information: DRM, IPR, Identity

    Electric: Grid, ??? ( Living with the monopoly?).
    Information: Search, Aggregation, Net Neutrality

    Electric: Wiring, Sockets, Appliances
    Information: Conversation, Mashup

    Electric: light bulb, appliance functional
    Information: Fulfillment

    PS: Here I’m exercising an important freedom underlying Mashups: Freedom to juxtapose without apriori worrying about meaningfulness. It is important for art; Which is important for science to progress.
    PS2: This is how a bicycle hijack looks like :)

  3. Have you checked It does some of what you say, on books[ but people begin using it for CDs & DVDs too…].
    So you can go find who’s got 50 books in common with you, what they are, & what are the others… interesting.

  4. I used LibraryThing for a while, before my blog went down. Haven’t bothered since. I have too many books to list simply (over 29,000). The process of listing was quite inaccurate, I could not find the same edition or version, and often no image either.

    I guess all I would want to do now is a simple Books I’m Reading Now, much the same as

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