Firefox marches on: A leading indicator for a culture’s willingness to adopt opensource?

Here’s the latest figures from OneStat:


1. Microsoft IE 83.05%
2. Mozilla Firefox 12.93%
3. Apple Safari 1.84%
4. Opera 1.00%
5. Netscape 0.16%


Interestingly, Germany:

1. Microsoft IE 55.99%
2. Mozilla Firefox 39.02%
3. Opera 2.78%
4. Apple Safari 1.73%
5. Netscape 0.30%

 And, UK


1. Microsoft IE 86.23%
2. Mozilla Firefox 11.65%
3. Apple Safari 1.30%
4. Opera 0.53%
5. Netscape 0.15%


Sadly, the stats do not show us what’s really happening in India and China. Or even Russia and Brazil.

I think these stats are a leading indicator of a culture’s willingness and capacity to adopt opensource. Anyone got any stats to back me up?

BTW you can find the rest of the report here.

7 thoughts on “Firefox marches on: A leading indicator for a culture’s willingness to adopt opensource?”

  1. Were those stats for general web users? I know when I look at my blog stats, Firefox is a majority – is this because blog readers are more technically-aware/geeky/early adopters?

  2. Browser # %
    In fact – my Performancing stats for this year:

    1. Firefox 282 24%
    2. MSIE 6.0 255 22%
    3. Konqueror 3.2 196 17%
    4. Firefox 195 17%
    5. Firefox 76 7%
    6. Safari 417.9.2 22 2%
    7. Safari 417.9.3 17 1%
    8. Firefox 1.0.6 16 1%
    9. Firefox 14 1%
    10. Opera 9.00 12 1%
    Other 68 6%

    Plenty of “alternative” browsers in there …

  3. Very intersting stats, especially as they seem to be in line with a previous study conducted back in January, It’s in French but you get the idea.

    As I’ve said before at my place of employment, companies that target European clients especially need to sit up and take notice of what’s happening in this area. Any business that relies on a strong online presence should be gearing their conetent to work across browsers.

    The era of designing web apps to work in one browser is over.

  4. Interesting – long live Firefox – given it’s a vastly superior browser – it’s hardly a suprise. It’s also becoming more and more clear that anyone who knows what they’re doing is switching over to Firefox – or off IE at any rate.

  5. As Ric points out – certain groups are more likely to use Firefox than others. I also think that were it not for big business getting in the way – using its monopoly power – there would be much more uptake of open source initiatives. like ubuntu.. again vastly superior to Windows..

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