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  1. Hi JP

    I wonder whether you know this:



    Chennai tamil version of Windows98

    Bill Gates announced localised versions of Windows
    98 in India. Here is a preview of the Tamil Version,

    Chennai style.
    Note: Take a minute to read the word slowly..
    Windows 98 Tamil version: “Jannal Thonootri-Ett(98)”

    The terminology File = pylu
    Save = kaa-pa-thu
    Save as = Aiye! ipdi kaa-pa-thu
    Save All = elaathium kaa-pa-thu
    Help = ayyo amma! kaa-pa-thu!
    Find = thedu Ma!
    Find Again = inoru thaba thedu ma!
    Move = jaga vaangu
    Mail = postu
    Zoom = persa kaatu
    Zoom Out = velilavanthu persa kaatu
    Open = thera, naina!
    Close = pothiko
    New = pucchu
    Old = palsu
    Replace = itha thooki athle athe thooki ithle podu!
    Run = odu, naina!
    Print = acchadi
    Print Preview = proof paathu acchadi
    Copy = bit adi
    Cut = vetu – kuthu
    Paste = ottu
    Paste Special = nalla echcha thottu ottu
    Delete = keesidu
    View = look udu
    Tools = spanneru
    Toolsbar = spanner setu
    Spreadsheet = bedsheetu, jamakkalam
    Exit = odra dai
    Compress = amukipodu
    Mouse = eli
    Click = Photo saththam
    Scrollbar = inge angae alathadi
    Pay Per View = dhudukku bayascoppu
    Next = appaala
    Previous = munaadi
    back = pinnade
    home = oor
    reload = puhussa load pannu
    view = paakk
    find = thedi paaru
    go = nee podaa…
    default = eppadi irukkutho appadi thaan irukkum
    do = pannuda
    undo = thiruppi pannada net
    search = valai veesu thedu
    Do you want to delete selected item? = Maiyalume
    Do you want to move selected item? = Maiyalume
    Do you want to save selected item? = Maiyalume
    Abort, Retry, Ignore = Mudichudu, innoru dhaba
    pannu, kandukathe!
    General protection fault = Gali
    Access denied = Kai veche keesiduven
    Unrecoverable error = mobile courtla fine kattu
    Operation illegal = Velurla 3 maasam

  2. Hi David, sorry about that. It is only now I’ve realised that the Contact Me facility was missed out when my blog was resurrected. I will rectify it by tomorrow.

    I’ve had a couple of tags on the 5-tools game already, I will make sure you get the same set…. :-)


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