Inadvertent sledgehammer or intent to roadblock?

Word has been spreading all day today that the Indian government has blocked a large number of blog sites. Both Dina Mehta as well as Xeni Jardin at Boing Boing commented across my radar screen.

I could be wrong. But my guess is that the ISPs were asked to do something they couldn’t, by a group of overzealous whoevers, and they resorted to the sledgehammer as the only way to comply. I’m going with inadvertent sledgehammer until and unless I am rudely awakened to a different reality.


3 thoughts on “Inadvertent sledgehammer or intent to roadblock?”

  1. Hi JP, I came to your site to tell you about the Indian govt’s blocking of blogs, and found you have reported it. It is a a knee-jerk over-reaction, but dud-heads; sad, that a lot of Indian governance is like that. You could see the links below for more information.
    This is alarming. People in India have started telling me my blogspot site is inaccessible from their ISPs. I still have access, but its like counting the minutes to find access denied. I simply took for granted this empowering technology, assumed one had it, and was incredulous about this. But it seems reality check has kicked me between the teeth quickly!

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