Malcolm sent me a number of links to and around Snakes On A Plane.[Warning: Contains strong language].

While there are many reasons the film could and should make cult status, there’s something quintessentially Gonzo about the whole thing. A lead actor who takes the role because he likes the title. Then finds out they want to change the title. And makes sure they don’t. A preview “audience” that intervenes and changes scripts and scenes (partly via web competitions) until a PG-13 becomes an R rated film. Extra footage shot as a result. A veritable Hollywood of related and snowballed material sprouting out of the web, particularly at Youtube and similar sites. Mock advertisements and trailers and film snippets, mock mock trailers and snippets. And a statement by the lead actor that it will win best film at next year’s MTV awards. Unless knocked out by its own sequel.

So I had to tell RageBoy.

Who, being RageBoy, pointed me back at this.

Wonderful. [Warning: Contains strong language.]

4 thoughts on “Snakebitten”

  1. I had no idea what madness was swirling around all this untill your headsup, JP (how the Clueful have fallen!) Now I just keep adding to that post you pointed to. Also, just read the post linked in the previous comment — very well worth it — in the comments to which, in turn, I read “Now lets see how long it takes to be added to” As that was posted last August, I went to see if this wonderment had morphed into prediction — and indeed it had. As you Limeys like to say, see here!

  2. This is too funny!!! I love all this shit and it’s good to get a laugh when catching up on my reading on a Friday evening!

    Keep it coming.

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