Another 95 theses

I guess it’s been a long time since Cluetrain. So long that someone could write 95 theses for “geek activism” and do so without mentioning Cluetrain. Shows I’m growing old.

This came to me via Cory. It’s worth a read. Gives you a flavour of some of the current emotion, particularly in the context of DRM. Some very interesting links, and some worthwhile assertions.

My take? I think Generation M is coming up with their own theses, and they will take Cluetrain and opensource and emergence and identity and intellectual property and the internet. Mash it all up and create something new. And there won’t be 95 of them. Maybe they will call it 98 Theses or XP Theses or , heaven forfend, 2000 Theses or even A New Vista. Forget I said that, it’s been a long weekend.

Let me know what you think

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