This time it’s personal: the disaggregation (and reaggregation) of protest

I read this story by Hugo Rifkind in the Times today, about a plan for a somewhat different protest in front of Parliament in London. Comedian Mark Thomas has issued an open invitation to all comers, to apply to the police for a “lone protest” licence (which needs six days’ notice and apparently tends to be granted). And then for all the “lone protesters” to turn up next Thursday, in what could be termed an orchestrated cacophony of protest; in order to stay within the law, every person must protest about something different. The law they are not-protesting about banned demonstrations without a licence within a kilometre of Parliament; see related story here. You can almost imagine everyone with individual and personalised tiny gapingvoid cartoons on business-card sized banners….
Smart mobs taking an unusual turn? Let’s see what happens :-)

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