Extending the Long Tail: A call to Action

James commented on something I’d written earlier today, where I’d quoted Robert Scoble as saying:

  • Are you worried about the elitism of A-List jerks like me?
  • Then freaking link to new bloggers that we haven’t heard about yet!

What James actually said was this:

  • Linking to lesser known bloggers should be encouraged. You should turn this into a full fledged call to action for others to do the same…

Seems reasonable.

Now what I’m trying to figure out is the best way of making this happen. Needs a little thought, my hunch is a straight link-to-ten approach on each blog is unproductive. But what do I know?

Any offers out there?

Otherwise I will go with whatever occurs to me over the next 24 hours.

5 thoughts on “Extending the Long Tail: A call to Action”

  1. OK JP. I am totally impressed with what what appears to be a very impressive intellect and I am feeling a little intimidated! How is that for straight-forward, no-nonsense talk from a woman from America! I really like your “drug of choice” on the music front. Hope I can learn from you and looking forward to working with you. I can be your conduit to women’s pop culture (fashion, books, children, luxury travel, yoga, American politics, ……), but that may be too shallow for you :-). See you soon,

    CIO Comrade in Arms,
    Maria Pardee

  2. You could pick one day per week/month/year and review one or more new blogs that you find noteworthy and under-appreciated on that day. Get the bloggers mentioned to write similar posts and have everyone use the same technorati tag; something like “LongTailTuesdays” or a similar catchphrase.

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