Of bridges and walls

Just had a delightful dinner at Drones with old colleagues, hosted by Sean. (Thanks, Sean). Sometime over dinner, Stu mentioned what the president of CBS “interactive”, Quincy Smith,  had said a few days ago; I’d seen the story but not the quote.

It’s worth repeating.

Television network CBS has seen increases in two of its late night shows, which they attribute to clips uploaded to YouTube. The late night talk shows have seen a 5% and 7% increase of viewers since CBS began posting clips on YouTube.

When asked about the partnership Quincy Smith, new president at CBS Interactive said, “We believe this inflection point is the precursor to many exciting developments as we continue to build bridges rather than construct walls.”

Attaboy, Quincy. Let’s all continue to build bridges rather than construct walls. You can read the rest of the story here.
After hearing similar stories from publishers who let their books be Looked Inside by Amazon or  Book Scanned by Google, the retarded hippie in me starts singing Seeger. When will they ever learn?

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