Normal service will be resumed

Some of you have written in or texted me to check that all was well, given my extended period off air. I was tired. Trying to do too much, and needing some time to think a few things over. That’s all. Thank you for asking.

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  1. Hi JP –

    Please don’t post this comment, it’s just meant as a private note to you. I hope all is well and that you’re not too tired. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas and research with us.

    I saw something the other day and thought “Hey, JP would want to know about that” but it didn’t really relate closely to any of your recent blog posts so I didn’t think a comment was in order. (It was this article in TechCrunch, which I thought would probably interest you in a Web 2.0 / social networking way: — I’m sure you caught the story yourself.) If you don’t mind my having your email address for situations like that, please drop me a note with it to [email protected]. If you do, though, please don’t worry about simply not replying to this (since it would be hard for you to reply *without* giving me your email address!). :-)

    And thanks again for taking the time to research, formulate your thoughts, and then generously share them with the rest of us. I’ve only been reading for a month or so, but I’ve already learned a lot which I’ll be applying to my own endeavors.

    With regard,

    T.J. Crowder
    [email protected]

  2. I do have moderation turned on. But only for first-time commenters, and that too only to moderate race, sex and àge type comments.

    I have never knowingly held up a comment, even a flame.

    Once you’re in I don’t get to see the comments any more….they go straight thru.

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