Seeing what’s happening in the music space… darkly?

When I write about search or syndication in the context of enterprise systems, I claim to have a modicum of knowledge.

I make no such claim about the music business.

Perhaps I should. In a strange way. I will probably learn more about information by telling myself I know as much about information as I do about music, making my interest completely amateurish. Time will tell.

In the meantime, some of you may remember I posted about Songbird some months ago. Ross Karchner has been kind enough to write to me with an update, and it gives people like me a rough idea of the shape of things to come. This is particularly true for Long Tail music, independent in production, in venue and club, in genre and even in audience. Here’s a link to what Ross says.

If William Gibson was right about the future, we need to keep looking around to spot the right uneven distributions. The trick, as usual, is in spotting the right ones.

4 thoughts on “Seeing what’s happening in the music space… darkly?”

  1. Am a pal of C Locke, nav’d here from EGR.

    Songbird needs to focus on Product Differentiation. I cannot see how this is better than iTunes.

    A “why should I switch” chart or table, that clearly compares and contrasts the leading web music browser player archiver organizers and Songbird.

    Perhaps the video screen cast or whatever does this, but who has time to watch commercials?

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