Plus ca change….

Finally managed to give the blog its much-needed makeover. As with anything else in this blog, it’s “provisional”, a work-in-progress. I hope to get everything done by the end of February, as Confused celebrates being a year old.

The glossary that some of you requested is nearly ready and will be available from next week.

LibraryThing will also be reinstated next week.

Yes I did bring back Snap Preview, which some of you liked and others didn’t. Why did I do that? Because they now have end-user opt-out, which is an eminently sensible thing for them to have done.

My thanks to Chris Locke for all his help, he made all this possible while I continue to recuperate. Incidentally, I hear he now has some time on his hands, so if you have things you need to get done that need his unique skills then you know where to go. He’s always been there for me when I’ve needed him, and he gets on with things like only he can. Especially when RageBoy lets him.
Comments welcome as ever. Particularly things you don’t like.

2 thoughts on “Plus ca change….”

  1. The new design is pretty cool, actually. I’d tweak it this way and that, but it’s gone 3am over here, perhaps I’ll get more specific tomorrow.

    Reason I’m commenting, though: it’s quite spooky how yr references and mine converge, on the odd occasion I drop around here. This time, I see you’ve been playing CS&N, first album, which I played end to end for the first time ever only a few hours ago. There was something similar going on last time, but I don’t remember what, and one time is an quirky coincindence, not a spooky entanglement. This time, I thought I should say hello… and best wishes from south-east London


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