Crossed lines

underground beastiesI thought this was wonderful, the kind of stuff I wouldn’t hear about except for the Web. Take a look at this site, where someone is selling merchandise consisting of animal shapes traced on the iconic London Tube map.

Thanks to Konrad for the tip-off. [Yes, I make it a habit to visit blogs that link to me, more out of curiosity than courtesy, but a combination nevertheless.]

4 thoughts on “Crossed lines”

  1. Heh, grat minds think alike. I’ve read this through Bloglines and I didn’t get the image, then when I went looking for an image to post, I chose the snail too :-P

  2. Transport for London (TfL) are one of the most aggressive protectors of their IP that I know. There are a host of amusing Underground map derivatives that have appeared over the years – all of them harmless and actually contributing to raising awareness of London as a world city. Unfortunately I don’t think I can give a you a link to any of them any more as TfL’s lawyers have pursued all the creators with cease-and-desist orders.

    The only ones remaining are licensed derivatives like these. I don’t know whether TfL charge for the license or merely a percentage of sales. That’s their choice, but where somebody creates a derivative purely for amusement I think they are being rotten spoilsports.

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