Blinky and me

I started this blog a year ago today. Seems a long time ago. Is that good? No idea. You tell me.

Last night, I re-read About This Blog and The Kernel For This Blog, just to see what I’d learnt as a result of doing this.

I’ve learnt a lot. Particularly about Identity, about Intellectual Property Management and about the Internet.

I’ve learnt a lot about the grey areas around these Three I’s, largely as a result of your comments and suggestions.

The Three I’s that define what we can do with Information.

Which is what this blog is about.

So thank you everyone.

Matt GroeningAlso thanks to Matt Groening for making sure my sense of humour has an overlap with that of my children.

BlinkyWhich brings me on to Blinky.

The Three-Eyed Fish.

I think we all need to be like Blinky, three-eyed in our approach to information. Making sure we do the right thing about Identity, Intellectual Property and the Internet.

8 thoughts on “Blinky and me”

  1. One year is good; I expect two will be better … and so on. Don’t stop tilting at windmills yet, because I believe that we are at a critical place in the “3-i” world where we (as in all internet users past present and future) could go either way. We desperately need to be asking the sort of questions you raise, with the intent of finding better answers than we have up to now.

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