Of Predictions and Intentions

There have been  quite a few posts around the blogosphere about the Kathy Sierra Meets Chris Locke CNN segment to be aired today. I found one aspect of the posts intriguing, almost beguiling.

I quote from Accordion Guy:

Don’t worry if you’re too busy in the morning to catch the segment. Someone will upload the Sierra/Locke summit segment to YouTube within an hour of its initial broadcast, and the analyses should appear online shortly afterwards

For a while now we have had news events being made available on YouTube, in effect time-shifting news on to the Web. In itself this is nothing new. What feels new to me is the expectation that something will be made available on YouTube or its equivalent. And it made me wonder about what else we’re all starting to expect. How our reading and viewing and listening patterns are changing (along with our purchase patterns for the same things) as a result of all this.

Some of the concepts referred to above are Web 1.0, so you may wonder why I bring it up at all. I guess it’s partly because I can’t articulate what I want to say well enough, and wondered if you could help me. I sense this has something to do with The Intention Economy that Doc and others proposed quite some time ago.

I think it goes something like this…. I won’t buy a book until I can Look Inside it. I won’t record something that I expect will  appear on YouTube or its equivalent, but I will plan to watch it on YouTube. I won’t buy an album until I have listened to sample tracks via the web, be it iTunes or an equivalent. I won’t meet someone for the first time unless I have Googled them, maybe even Linked them In.

Just thinking. Of a world where we’re going to see a whole new set of trademarked verbs and nouns entering our speech? Comments welcome.

One thought on “Of Predictions and Intentions”

  1. While it shows an intention to consume in a certain way, I’m not sure if that’s a expression of Intention Economy as it pertains to signalling an intent to purchase by a customer to a supplier.

    What comes to my mind though is the concept of filtering the ‘signal from the noise’ that I can best express by this statement.

    “I will not buy anything to read, watch or listen to unless I see my friend ‘JP’ has been reading, watching or listening to it.”

    Filtered, focused attention.


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