George Dyson’s lecture on John Von Neumann on IT Conversations

I was reminded of the existence of this during a completely different conversation over at Gordon Cook’s discussion group. Fascinating talk, provides an unusual and lively view of aspects of computing history. I think it’s important for all of us to revisit such conversations and discussions, it will help us do the right thing when it comes to the internet, intellectual property rights and identity.

For people who have the time and the inclination, there’s a hefty slide presentation available via the same link, you may find it worth while to listen to the audio while working the presentation yourself. Don’t be put off by the double misspelling of Von Neumann on the site; the talk is of high quality, as are a number of the other sessions organised by the IT Conversations guys.

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  1. Very good JP. I loved the immigration story as well as the technical history; there’s a moral there somewhere!

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