….With hope in your heart….

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon, after family time at church and at lunch. Watching the cricket. And realising that I still hold out hope for India managing to get something out of this game. As long as England are bowled out before tea, and as long as the target is around 400, I live in hope. Could make for a very exciting day’s cricket tomorrow.

Reminds me of being at the Ataturk stadium with Isaac in 2005, when it was half-time and Liverpool were 3-0 down. And we started singing You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Hard to believe, I know, but it’s possible to get passionate about cricket.

2 thoughts on “….With hope in your heart….”

  1. Sorry JP but after church and Sunday lunch WE in this household are hoping exactly the opposite!!
    Keep up the good work — apart from supporting the wrong cricket team. And football unless you support Watford!!!

  2. Thanks Hazel. As I’ve stated before on this blog, I fail the Tebbit test. I support England at soccer and rugby, but when it comes to cricket, while I still support England, it doesn’t work when they play India.

    I guess it’s true of many Scots and Welsh expats living in London; England at everything except when it comes to one sport and one opponent, in their case usually rugby and England-Scotland or England-Wales.

    The match is quite clearly balanced in England’s favour, but I wouldn’t rule out India yet. Whoever wins, cricket will be the richer for it.

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