Tim Rice is rumoured to have come up with this in a recent letter to some cricketing journal. A fellow cricket aficionado, Tim has spent hours looking at the npower logo on the cricket ground. Upside down. And, given the font and style used, npower does look a lot like jemodu.

In typical cavalier spirit, he is meant to have written this letter, asking for readers to come up with suggestions as to what this fictional company jemodu should do. It was the sort of madcap thing that appeals to me, so I wanted to blog about it. And the first thing I did was to google “jemodu” in the hope that I would be led to the story, wherever I’d seen it.

No such luck. But.

You could knock me down with a feather. There is a company called jemodu. Appears to have been formed on 26th September 2006. Wonder what they do….. One thing’s for sure, the founder’s a cricket fan.

Let me know what you think

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