Comments on my Facebook posts

I’m flabbergasted. There’s a lot for me to read and to catch up on, a lot for me to digest, a lot for me to learn from. My thanks to all of you. Now I need to do justice to the comments and suggestions and criticisms, and it’s going to take a little time.

I’m also working on the fourth post I promised, critiquing Facebook in the context of Four Pillars. I hope to have that done by Thursday.

[Stephen, as far as I know, I used Customer Exploitation Management in public around the middle of 2002, and in print  a year or so later. By all means use the phrase, cite me if you need to, I am not hung up about “owning” phrases. Language, like ideas, must remain free, and its evolution does not take place in a vacuum. I’m sure others have used the phrase before….]

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