On Fake Steve and DRM and stuff like that

Remember Fake Steve? If you haven’t read his blog, it’s an absolute must. Sadly, it looks like he’s finally been outed. Hope he carries on regardless.

Makes you think that MSM has a chance of survival after all. Which is what I was thinking when I saw this article in Information Week. Cory Doctorow on How DRM becomes law. I wasn’t surprised that the article was written by Cory, he is his usual excellent and articulate self. What surprised me was that Information Week carried it. Not a place I would normally expect to see such stuff. How things change.

And talking about DRM, there’s a quiet little site called Life’s Not Read Only which is worth a look. Particularly the recent July update. Whoever Olivier is, I like the way he thinks. I may not agree with everything he says, but I do like the way he thinks.

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