On humour and vulnerability

I’m fascinated by comics, comedians, humourists, funny people. However you want to describe them. There’s something I feel I can always learn from them about the human condition. Which is probably why I enjoyed Not Only But Always immensely, Rhys Ifans does an incredible job of being Peter Cook. Man On The Moon was another I enjoyed tremendously,  about the life of Andy Kaufman. I still laugh whenever I watch Fawlty Towers, I’m that kind of guy.

Comics make themselves very vulnerable, it’s something about them that appeals to me. The same sort of feeling I got when I saw David Mackenzie speak before a private showing of Hallam Foe to bloggers, an openness and vulnerability that is rare.

I guess I can vicariously share in a tiny bit of that vulnerability by pointing to something offbeat that I found funny. Please humour me and go take a look at these robots fighting. As usual, also in my VodPod.

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