Unwanted records

Looks like India will beat its own record for the highest Test innings score without a hundred: they’re currently 513 for 7, four runs behind 2nd spot and 11 runs behind 1st spot; if you interested, I published the top 10 such scores in this post. And it made me think, they didn’t really want that record. For sure Karthik and Tendulkar and Dhoni didn’t want it.

That took me on a tangent. There are many “unwanted” records in Test cricket, like for example the batsman with the highest number of 0s to his name. You may be surprised by the answer. I think it used to be Atherton, but I haven’t been able to check, Statsguru is too slow right now.

Why don’t you write in with your views on what should be the most unwanted Test cricket record? Seems a lazy August thing to do.

3 thoughts on “Unwanted records”

  1. Who would have thought it? India’s prior record stands, Kumble has gone and scored that elusive century! So what Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dhoni and Karthik could not do (aided and abetted by some truly appalling umpiring decisions) Anil has done. Such is life.

    Maybe Atherton is the leading Englishman in the zeroes table, there was something about him and zeroes.

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