Searching for Quaero

David Eastman asked “What happened to Quaero?” in a recent comment on a post I’d written on search. Last I heard, which was early this year, France and Germany had decided to part ways on the project, but France was determined to continue. I remember reading this article while recuperating from my heart attack.

Other than what I can glean from Wikipedia (which you can read here) there isn’t much out there on the web. An article in the Daily Telegraph in early August suggests that the entire project has been “quietly shelved”. Prior to that, I’m sure I’d seen reports that Germany was funding Theseus and France were continuing to fund Quaero. But I haven’t seen anything concrete.

There’s something vaguely amusing in having to search for information on Quaero. Says it all, I guess. Unless someone else knows better, in which case please comment.

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