When the Waters Came

Shahidul Alam is a fine photojournalist, just take a look at his recent works on his blog. The photo-essay on the recent flooding in Bangladesh is particularly powerful.

My thanks to Rageboy for the tip-off. Apparently Shahidul got in touch with Chris about something or the other; which makes me wonder, is Chris Locke really Kevin Bacon in disguise? Scratch that, I don’t think I know anyone who is six degrees separated from Chris, it feels like everyone is closer to 2 degrees. Anyone else feel that way?

3 thoughts on “When the Waters Came”

  1. That’s worrying, John. When you start hearing Rageboy voices in your head, all your base belong to Gonzo.

  2. Alam is one of the finest photojournalists Bangladesh has ever produced. and the blog is just lovely. both our countries have been hit by the deluge, and with the other Bangla we share a thousand year old history, language and love. flood, however much pain it inflicts on our lives, i wish and pray that we will be able fight it together.

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