Lyrical ballads 2.0

My 15-year old son told me about this site, SongMeanings. Love the idea. People commenting on lyrics and making connections that way. Just take a look at the discussions around A Day in The Life.

As with anything else 2.0, these things improve with time and increased “liquidity”, as people learn about the subtlety of the mashup. I can see so many ways to vary what I see at SongMeanings, having people come together with comments and views and ratings around a catalogue of “things”. And I am sure that most of them are being done already.

3 thoughts on “Lyrical ballads 2.0”

  1. Wow, what a great idea – thanks for the heads up on this.

    This is exactly what social media’s all about for me. People accuse the whole UGC thing of lacking in depth – but how much more deep can you get than hundreds of people’s combined thoughts on something so personal as the interpretation of their favourite song?

  2. Great find – more should be done with opening up lyrical content using audience commentry. Open sourcing an artists processes would make RadioHead be seen as cunning marketeers.

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