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Bored while waiting for the flight to take off. I noticed that India had conceded 72 runs as extras in the current Pakistan innings. If memory serves me right, the previous record was 71….. Unless I missed something in the last year or so.

At this rate I guess I can look forward to seeing the first extras “century” in my lifetime.

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  1. The final total was 76 extras and it is indeed a record. Interestingly (to some of us), Pakistan seem to be very good at invoking extras as they now have the top three slots in the table.

    Most extras in an innings:

    1. Pakistan 76 (out of 537) v India (Bangalore, 8 Dec 2007)
    2. Pakistan 71 (out of 435) v West Indies (Georgetown, 2 Apr 1988)
    3. Pakistan 68 (out of 291) v West Indies (Bridgetown, 18 Feb 1977)

    The number of byes conceded by Dinesh Karthik (35) is second only to the 37 conceded in Australia’s second innings at The Oval in 1934. Les Ames had retired hurt during the first innings and 50-year-old Frank Woolley took over the gloves. With hilarious results, as they say

    Norris McSayers

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