Old Man’s River: Cosmic Banditos

There are many books that get called laugh-out-loud funny; often, it means nothing to someone like me, brought up in a home where giggles and snorts and guffaws were de rigueur while reading. We didn’t just laugh while reading Wodehouse or Thurber or Benchley or Parker or Marx; we managed to laugh even when the music in the background was courtesy Leonard Cohen. Which it often was.

So when I call a book laugh-out-loud I mean it. And so to:

Recommendation 6: (Book, and soon-to-be film)

Cosmic Banditos. Allan Weisbecker. Quantum mechanics mixed liberally with potent substances, shaken, stirred, then even more liberally garnished with explosive substances. Made me laugh enough to hurt. Soon to be released as a film, I know I’ll go to see it against my better judgment. Part of me wants the memory of the book to stay plain and uncorrupted in my head; the rest of me knows I have to see it. Because.


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